The Unseen

I'm not sure I want to know about "the unseen".

"Every watchful, never sleeping"...are they zombies? She does have something growing from her throat...

 They want no glory, but are a part of "our land's destiny" (um, hello dictator).

She's a secret keeper, loyal and true to God, country and flag (but which one?).  She wants to push the button and yell Victory, realizing that men must shed blood to give it to her.

Who is the Unseen?

Why, your local telephone operator, that's who.  Doesn't this frighten you?


Eartha Kitsch said…
Thanks for making me glad that we don't have operators anymore. You have a new blog! Pretty!
houndstooth said…
No wonder they went to computer operators! Yegads!
hello operator- are you there?

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