What My Man Likes

You know honey, when a man says he likes something "unexpected now and then", he isn't talking about rice.

But she does have some interesting rice ideas, even though she looks like she couldn't find the kitchen with a map and bloodhound.

But that's not why he married her, is it?


Dana@Mid2Mod said…
You're right. That girl doesn't look like she's ever cooked a grain of rice in her life, but I guess the Rice Council wasn't looking for a June Cleaver when they chose her for the ad.
I bet all she's wearing is an apron. I hope she didn't cook bacon like that!
Love the new look by the way! And beautiful profile picture of you!
I am blowing you kissys- can you feel them?
fromsophiesview said…
Wowsers....love your knew look! Now throw some rice all over yourself!!

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