Puddles and Pip 'Preciation Day

Goodness, why haven't we done this sooner?

I have ALWAYS appreciated Puddles and Pip for the good times they bring us in this crazy, not so nice world.

We've watched them doing what they do best:
Getting stoned


Stealing cars

Spreading joy, not hate
 Don't stop.  We love you!
Shining on


THIS is a perfect tribute to the Terrific Two!!!
Mary Ann said…
Oh, my gosh.. I've found THE Puddles and Pip, Puddles, the BFF of Maggie, who adores her! YAYYYYY
Thank you SO MUCH!!! My assistant just about fell off her chair when she saw all these wonderful posts from our dear friends!

I hereby declare - Cheeseburgers for all!!!

Your pal, Pip
3 doxies said…
Bwhahahaha...OMD, YOU TOO? I can't believes all these posts fur me and Pip! I am totaly in awe.
Dang, I can't believes me and you has been furiends fur so long Barb. It has been truly a blessin' to has known you all dis time through da blogs. We has cried and laughed togedders. We has been through some good time and bad times togedders. I thank you fur your furiendship and I is so happy to has known from my time heres in da blog world. Thank you fur everything now can I has a beer?

Barbara said…

Pud, yew and me is da bestest buddies! Trew gud times an bad, we is a teem! Dere is too many STOOPIDS out dere and we muss stick tagether!

Pips, yew stay healthies and stay wid us a long, long times!
Ziggy Stardust said…
What a beautiful tribute to our beautiful pals.

Loveys Sasha
We celebrate too!
fromsophiesview said…
Far out man....this is way cool and I'm so HIGH!!
Dolores said…
Thinking of you and your sweet furry family.... hoping you're doing well.

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