I've been an executive assistant for almost 25 years.

Today I was told by a prospective employer that I didn't have skills for the job.

This is what I have been up against since I moved back.  In Los Angeles, I was the bee's knee's.  Everyone thought I was smart, capable and could do just about anything.

In Sacramento, I'm constantly confronted by people who think I can't do anything. My experience doesn't mean anything, I'm too "L.A.", whatever that means (I guess it means I'm too "city" for our cowtown).  It's so very frustrating.

I'm truly beginning to believe in ageism.  They love me on the phone; I show up, then never hear from them again.  Yes, I'm going to be 52 this year.  When did that become "old"?

So, I keep plugging away.  Can't give up.  But it's so hard!


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