When Housework is More Important Than You Are

Didn't you know that housework is waaaaaay more important than you are?

She has the "early morning dumps", or rather, she DOESN'T have the early morning dumps or her hubby wouldn't be handing her a laxative.  

A "sparkling, refreshing glass of Sal-Hepatica"!

Taken first thing in the morning, usually works within an hour (imagine the stomach cramps during that 60 minutes!) and you're on your feet teaching your daughter the proper way to clean! (Although she's holding the broom at "poke you in the gut" fashion, which kind of matches her daughter's "beat you over the head" stance.)

Never let your husband or your housework down again.  Every morning, jump up and have a sparkling glass of Hepatica and your "early morning dumps" will run smoothly.

Run smoothly.  Heh.


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