It's the Little Things

Mom and dad are pretty psyched.

They just remodeled the kitchen and got all matchy-matchy on the appliances.

You see,  Frigidaire sold them on the idea of making the kitchen the "happy hub" of their home.  "Just start with one appliance" says Frigidaire, "then add..."

Soon with Helen and Bob, it became all consuming.  You see, they really wanted that hub where they could see each other at all times.  The "kitchen ideas" of "harmonizing" were just too hard to resist.

Now that they've fulfilled the dream of having all of their appliances match, they are going to take a class on how to actually use them together.  See, Bob is pouring an iced tea from the freezer, Helen is baking something (see counter) but is putting it in the dryer and COULD SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE THE BABY A TOY?  Nothing like a little "here are some toys, but we'll put you in this contraption so you can't reach any and we'll ignore you while you cry".

Bob and Helen enjoy their new appliances.  Just not each other.


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