An Update

Hey ya'll...

Sorry I haven't done much but read your blogs, but I wanted to say thank you for the enjoyment you give me.

You see, my mother is now in hospice.  She has congestive heart failure and she's not doing well.  As you know, I have a brother with Alzheimer's, so it's been a challenge from the start.

Thankfully, we have a wonderful hospice nurse (the same one that led my father out of this world) and a lovely lady that makes my mom all sparkly clean three times a week.

I'm there every evening to make dinner, throw some laundry in, clean floors and chat up mom.  Clynt is doing the hard duty of just being there all day.  Thankfully,  with early-onset Alz, he forgets most of it!!

Please know that your blogs bring needed joy in my life and that I think of you all every day.



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