This Ain't Ladies Day!!

Just another day at the office for Ralph and Marty.  

Marty’s a little peeved because Ralph is strutting around the office in his underwear – just like he does on Ladies’ Day at the club.

You see, Ralph can’t help that Munsingwear undies glorify his manly figure! “Clings as snug as a bug in a rug!” he shouts, while Marty stands helplessly in his Unionsuit.

“Hey! My one piece is just as light and cool and snug as your undies, and protects me from drafts as well!” 

Yeah, drafts like World War II had, Marty.  4F, right?

Both, however, agree on the real reason they love their Munsingwear undies.

 “It’s the stretchy seat! The seat alone is worth the price of admission!”  (Evidently, there is an amusement park in them there undies.)

“What a pleasure when I crouch in these!!”  “Yeah?  Well MINE don’t creep!”

Stretchy seat, snug fit…no creeping….well, these are all reasons men should stand around in their skivvies discussing their underwear.

It’s very manly.

“Here Ralph, catch my ball!  We’re both safe with Munsingwear!”


ziggee said…
I LOVE your sense of humor and can't wait till your next post.
Its soo good to see you!

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