When Granny Pants Were Cool

I can state for fact that every woman reading this ad wishes these underwear were still popular.

Oh sure, when you’re young and thin, thongs and bikinis are fun.  When you’re young, nothing bothers you, not even when your underwear try to kill you.

But as you reach your forties, you long for granny panties.  Sure, they aren’t much to look at, but like a pair of comfy shoes, so are granny’s.  Comfort is a wonderful thought.

Society has made granny’s unthinkable.  Try finding a cute pair.  You can’t.  And they store them in the “Just My Size” section and put stupid little designs on them.  They aren’t form-fitting either, just blousy.  So we don’t get them.

But we want them.

We really, really want them. 

Sorry men.


ziggee said…
I'll take a pair of "granny panties" over a thong ANY day. A piece of dental floss up my crack is not my thing.

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