“Shall I be a fashion designer or a model?”

You know, the important questions of life.


I hated this thing.  Mine always spelled out “Loser” no matter who I played with.

You can imagine old Harry isn’t questioning which college will accept him. Really, all he wants to know is whether the easily influenced and gullible girl next to him will have sex with him.  Plain and simple – the only reason a guy would play Quija with a girl is for that very reason.  Am I wrong?

Meanwhile, Sally’s head is filled with “what color should my prom dress be”, “should I pet on the first date” and “should I be a fashion designer or a model”.  Well, I think we can all answer THAT question for her, now can’t we?  Life is full of disappointment Sally.  Get used to it.


Does he love me? Will he marry me? Will he still respect me in the morning?

And the pointer always steers to "Not in this lifetime!"

I always thought these were cool, but my business partner at SuzAnna's Antiques was freaked out by these boards and didn't want any in the shop.

I think they are fun!
We used to have a blast scaring the poop out of our little sisters with the Ouija board. One of life's great memories!
Anonymous said…
Great post! Nice to find others on the web who love to reminisce!


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