It’s Not Orange Juice, It’s Crack for Kids!


“Give her an orange juice ‘break’ to restore her energy.”


Does little Becky look like she needs her energy restored?  She looks like she’s eaten six bowls of Sugar Smacks, eaten 42 pieces of candy, taken six Dexedrine and ate her own thumb.  I be more likely to give this child a highball than something laced with more sugar! 

This poor kid…I can imagine that after what her mother considers a “normal” afternoon of sugar intake, she drops like a sedated elephant.  Five o’clock comes around and this kid’s sugar levels drop – whammo!  Imagine dragging Becky out of bed for school…oh wait…tomorrow’s breakfast is Sugar Frosted Flakes, Pop Tart’s and OJ, with a Hostess cupcake chaser. We just need to get that first spoonful in…

Enjoy it now Becky, for cocaine will whittle your paycheck to nothing once you’re older and looking for that buzz you had in childhood.


Cute ad. But you sound delightful. Where do you live in Northern California. I live in Napa and my dog is named, Yofi.
Yep, OJ is cheaper than cocaine! However, it seems we're a little obsessed with the color orange.
Pam said…
Great ad. Perhaps her mom pumps her full of sugar so she'll sleep peacefully once that sugar crash comes!
I think Mommy is saying open wide Becky, here comes your little yellow pill. Swallow it down with a little sugar laden OJ... A Valium for Mommy and one for Becky. There now, let's go watch a little television.
Retro Keith said…
i make the same face at good garage sales

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