Lee Jeans Make You Gay…I Mean Happy…

lee jeans

Welcome to the land of No Knees. 

Put on a pair of Lee jeans and you’re a dancing, prancing, stiff jointed wacky person.

Take our dancers for instance.  What are they doing, the German Goose Step?  And really, with the bandana and the jacket buttoned just so, our fella isn’t the most masculine dude in the room (especially with that oddly turned foot).  It appears that the only people in this town with knees are tiny.  Miniscule even.

Now look at our construction workers.  Both are wearing the “steel-plated” overalls.  Ramrod straight postures leave only your arms for self expression, and again, kinda wimpy, even if you use the authoritative Finger Point.

But the best is the Lee Jean Chorus Line.  From cowboy to milkman, farmer to little boy, there’s a jean for any joint-less person around.  Now, just lock arms and…

One….singular sensation…every little step he takes….”



I scare the daylights out of my husband every time I read one of your posts. My sudden burst of laughter startles him. What the hell is up with that guys backwards foot by the way? That is one hilarious ad, especially with your side comments.
It might be my eyes, but I'm seeing bent knees in that square dance ad and I'm talking about the two in the front. That's not to take away from the fact that he is TOTALLY odd. As for the hunky macho guy chorus line, ha ha ha ha. You always say the funniest things!
My youngest son can't wear long pants because (he says) he can't bend his knees! Maybe he has seen this ad before and it had a huge impact! I'm happy to report my short-wearing boy played in the snow (yes, wearing shorts) and was able to bend his knees!

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