Only Booze Helps This Party


A peppermint martini. 

Honestly, that sounds incredibly disgusting.  But then, the party IS in the bedroom, so I guess anything goes. I’m thinking that anything will help our poor hip Jenny as Murray pulls his “I’ll use just one finger to attempt to turn you on” move. 

Jenny is nearing fetal position, so either she’s going to give in and do it right there on everyone’s coat with the crowd watching, or she’s going to keel over and start puking the peppermint schnapps and vodka.  Believe me, you don’t want to puke peppermint schnapps – I’ve done it and it isn’t pretty.

Do you think Murray will stay and hold back her hair?  Somehow, I doubt it, even though the copy says he wants to “share his future” with Jenny.  The redhead in the background looks pretty easy, if you ask me.


heidi said…
eww. eww. eww. i think i can make out a bowl full of keys in the background...
I would bet Murray's "future" with this woman is until the next morning! Wouldn't it be funny if she reached over and bent that pointer backwards until he cried!

Have a fun day!
Actually, peppermint martinis don't sound all that bad, considering that there are now so many kinds of martinis. If ever an ad screamed DRINK AND HAVE SEX, it's this one. Murray is REALLY unappealing! The redhead looks like Jill St. John.
Cruise Addict said…
I didn't even notice the redhead in the background. Just love the clothing, boy we knew how to dress back then. If the one finger move didn't do the trick, the 5 inch collar lapel must have, along with kicking the complete bottle of Smirnoff's!
Came to visit from Anna (Chickens in my basement) and you are one funny lady! I'm a follower now! Love Love old ads! Your stories are the best with them. Yep I agree, the Red Head looks easy and like she wants to jump on the coats.

Linda @ A La Carte

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