What Color Will I Be Today?

Meet Lurlene.  Lurlene likes to wear different colors every day.angel face Blue one day, yellow the next.  Sometimes green, sometimes red.

Unfortunately, she has the same face and skin color EVERY day.

Thank God for Angel Face!  By just purchasing five different foundation colors,  Lurlene can match her face to her dress!  Wearing blue?  Use pink foundation.  Yellow?  Wear golden foundation. Green?  Tawny.  Get the picture? 

I realize Lurlene didn’t work back then, but can you imagine showing up in the office with pink skin one day and yellow the next?  I’m sure if Lurlene had a boss, he’d wonder, especially if her boss were Joan from Mad Men.  Heck, her husband had to wonder why his wife became Technicolor Tess every time he took her to dinner.

Personally, I can’t remember to wear underwear most days, let alone choose a color of foundation to compliment my outfit.  My advice to Lurlene? 

Wear black.


Retro Keith said…
its like they had Photoshop back in the 50s
happileah said…
wow, that's odd, huh? You find the best ads :)
Why would you have two hats the same excpet for color. I would rather change up my hat styles and leave my face the same! Wonder how many women fell for that ad and filled their make-up cabinet with Angel Face!
Well, thank goodness she didn't have to worry about what flower she was going to wear on her head!
Beth said…
Thank you Ponds- I can finally stop wearing a blue plastic bouquet on my head and switch to the more natural looking yellow plastic. What will science think of next? Televisions with more than 5 stations?
Liz Harrell said…
Ah! This cracks me up. But not as much as the fact that my grandmother was actually friends with someone named Lurene (which is close). I always wondered if her father was a fisherman.
capewood said…
With hats like that who is noticing the color of her skin?
laura linger said…
"I look just like Jackie Kennedy!"
Velvet VaVoom said…
My grandmother LOVED Angel Face powder! She never got the memo about discarding very old cosmetics, so I think she might have put some on me once when I begged her.

I would also totally change my skin to match those hats!

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