A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty…what the hell?

jantzen horse

Here’s Mike.

Mike believes he’s popular with the ladies.  He shaves his chest, then rides the beaches in his undies sweeping women onto his bucking steed –sidesaddle no less!

Even though the horse is at full tilt, Marion has no problem staying on, because, well, that’s what she’s used to, staying on.  Let’s just say she’s one of the “beach girls” and leave it at that.

Margaret is trying hard to attract any attention at all – even the horse will do.  She’s got her chest high, stomach sucked in, hand on her butt and wearing a bathing suit modeled after the Bullet Bra.  Point those things away from people Margaret; you could put an eye out!!

I’d say something about the horse, but I’m sure it’s embarrassed enough just being in this ad.


High top underoos! SEXY! Very funny post!
Anonymous said…
That takes tightie whities to a whole new level. He looks like he's wearing women's panties!!! (Well, not mine, you understand. My mother's!!)
Mick said…
BAHAHAHA!!!!! Day = made! I litteraly just spit my coke everywhere (and thats just form reading the title!) :)
My mother's name was Marian. One of your tags says "You know Marion is a slut." You're a smart one there, Babs--changing the spelling of Mom's name so the rest of my family won't find out the TRUTH about her. When she used to come home from "shopping" all disheveled we'd believe her when she told us she'd gone to a sale and got into a fight over a pair of shoes. My god, how did you KNOW??!!
Oh my gosh, you are hilarious!!! Thanks so much for your comment. That's so cool that you have a similar round wicker chair! Yes, they are super-comfy. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find pictures of any round mid-century wicker chairs. I searched for over an hour and only found a few.
cabin + cub said…
wow.. those are some high cut tightey whiteys... i guess he has never heard that white underwear and water is not a good combo. ;)

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