Old People: Cranky and Constipated



Man, there was no pleasing Granny.

Her first laxative was too strong.  She bitched about it all the time and pissed off the daughter-in-law.

Her second laxative was too mild.  It was so mild, it actually made her son constipated, and gave him a stiff neck to boot.

But her third laxative, that wondrous “chocolate” Exlax, was just right.  And regular people are cheerful people! 

Son and daughter-in-law removed the “room needed” ad they placed and let her stay!  Besides, she cleans a mean house.

And don’t forget…when you have a cold, take Exlax!  (I’m not sure why, but that’s what the ad says.)

If you develop a rash, see your doctor.


capewood said…
Some people actually get 'hooked' on laxatives. Ads like this are probably why. I took an Exlax once in my life and it was a horrible experience. I didn't stray from the porcelain convenience for days. Why would you take something like that if you had a cold? So you would be completely miserable?
Take for a cold? I'd be afraid to cough! Crap "happy"? I think not.
Forget your troubles, c'mon crap happy, Exlax is gonna chase all yer poop away!! (And I, too, wonder why one would take a laxative when you have a cold. Should we change the old homily to "S**t out a cold, starve a fever"???).
Dolores said…
What a cute post!!!! I've never taken Exlax, but I remember as a child, my mother would give me some awful tasting stuff on Friday's nights to keep me 'regular'.....Yuck!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog......5 kittens, oh my..... I'm so glad we only have 3.
Breezy said…
I never thought of exlax for a cold.. but then exlax isnt something I think of too often anyway.
Have a great day.
Lidian said…
I love this sort of ad, as you know! ;) And your tags are perfection, as usual!
Dang it! Wouldn't you know my bowels are clean and no sore throat. But that rash...wonder if I melt the exlax and rub it on? I'm sure it will fix that rash right up!
Anonymous said…
Yummy....ex-lax is the April's Fools prank middle school boys dream of.


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