Pat Boone is Turning Chinese!


Now here’s an ad you can trust!

Who else but Pat Boone (and his lovely wife Shirley) could convince you that you could turn hamburger into a Chinese dish?

Never hear “that again”, says Shirley, convinced that adding pasta, tomatoes and bell peppers to hamburger makes it “Beef Oriental”.  Plus, the family will eat all of their vegetables if they are prepared in the magic wok, right there at the table!

Let’s take some chicken, add in some frozen corn, beets and rutabagas and we’ll call it “Chinatown Special”!! 

Pat Boone…if it’s from his lips, it has to be true!!  “April love…”

A Side Note:  Do NOT, under any circumstances, visit Christine’s Blog “I’m Not Old, I’m Vintage”, become a follower and enter her giveaway of two kitty planters (see below).  Just DON’T.  She will suck you in and you will never be able to stop reading her blog.  DON’T DO IT.


Aren’t they cute???



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Dolores said…
Oh my gosh, we had a wok that looked like that one, back in the 70's..... I never used it much, too much trouble to clean....
Rebecca said…
Girl, You crack me up. Hope you feeling better these days.
RAFF OUT ROUD?! You are soooo going to get arrested by the Politically Correct Police, girlfriend! Did you ever see the movie "Friendly Persuasion" with Gary Cooper? The main movie song was "Thee I Love" sung by Pat Boone and it is one of my all-time favorites. I just hated it when I found out ole Pat was a card-carrying wacko John Birch society wacko, though. Did you and Miz Chicken team up to tell people NOT to enter my giveway? D**n you, woman!!!
cathycan said…
You don't have to bribe. I've been a follower in my heart for a long time...well, about 2 weeks.
Love your blog!!
fromsophiesview said…
OK I'm hooked and my Daddies are tooo....I love corn!
laura linger said…
1. I am totally stealing that picture of Pat and the wok for my blog. You know that, right?

2. My mother used to make "Beef Oriental" in her own orange West Bend wok back in the 70s. And when she would make her menu plan for the week on the back of some envelope, she would invariably write "Thursday...Chinx." I swear to God, I would and could not make that up.

3. Christine's blog is the devil's handiwork. Let's just call it what it truly is. ;-)

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