A Problem I Wish I Had


Oh darn, I’m just too, too thin.

Whatever will I do?

Drink “Kelp-A-Malt!”

It’s what Mazie did! A nice cool glass of malted kelp is just what she needed to gain those breasts, hips and cuuuuuuurrrves!  And best of all, she feels swell

I wonder if “solid flesh” equals “solid fat”, or if poor Trudy will gain it in the places she seems to be lacking.  We’ll never know, but don’t you wish you did?


You know, I'm glad that the 60's happened because we got women's lib and going without a bra and free love and the Kennedys BUT we also got Twiggy and that skinny-ass bee-atch screwed it up forever after for us "healthy girls".
Alas, if I had that problem, I would just have to suffer with it. Is there an add for those of us who have too many curves?
This ad is hilarious!

And I finally know why I've got this belly. It's not all the beer, it's all those damn Kelp-a-Malts!
Beth said…
Yes, I would choose Kelp a malts over hot fudge sundaes any day. Who wants to add on pounds with actual food...not me
capewood said…
I found the full add at another site. Here's some text from the ad:

"Three Kelp-a-Malt tablets contain more iron and copper than a pound of spinach or 7-1/2 lbs. of fresh tomatoes; more calcium than 6 eggs; more phosphorous than 1-1/2 lbs. carrots; more FOOD IODINE than 1600 lbs. of beef."

The tablets are 3-4 times the size of regular tablets. Must have been hard to swallow.
Barbara said…
Good lord, those pills sound awful!!

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