Don’t Forget the Giveaway!

I know I said I’d post a new ad today, but having a new addition has kind of cramped my style for a couple of days.

Today the lovely rescue lady I called for advice brought a crate, a dog bowl, a leash, flea meds and is paying for Minnie’s first shots and getting me a spay voucher.  She rocks.

So, you have until midnight to leave a comment at the giveaway post to enter to win this:

giveaway2 002

Three Haeger planters (at least that’s what previous posters have confirmed)!

Here’s the link – don’t forget to enter!

And to show you how far Jealous Trixie and Minnie have come in just two days…

how far


How Sam Sees It said…
They are so adorable together! I really am glad you decided to keep her.

Those pups are just too cute together. I love those dining chairs I see in the background.

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