Looking for a Raise? Douche First!


Here’s an ad going around IN THIS CENTURY.

Shower first. Especially your private bits.

Ask for raise.



I’m sorry, but the LAST thing I’m thinking about at work is my crotch.  Unless you’re schtupping during your breaks or lunch, “feeling fresh” really should be a given.  And if you ARE schtupping during breaks and lunch, it best be with your boss, because that’s where the money is, right?

And if you smell, you should see a doctor.

Are we really in 2010, or is this 1950 all over again?


Jacki said…
bahaha - I hate to ask what her, um, position is, if she feels the need to douche before asking for a raise. Do you think she might work directly under her boss?
omg this is freakin' hilarious!!

No wonder women were forced into women lib... All the retarded ad men made such lame ads, we HAD to protest!!

Yes, once you slap that cootch in yer bosses face, he's not going to care what flavor of Summer Breeze you used, hell, he likely wants a BJ anyways lol...

My solution? I am my own boss heh heh
Picture this:

29 year old Wall Street guy, black Armani suit, power red tie, Tiffany cufflinks, leather breifcase, iPhone against his ear, walking to the NYSE.

Ad reads:

Climb the Corporate Ladder with Scrotum Scrub!

That's right, you are a man on the rise, and you want to go even higher. Hit that boardroom with confidence, know your testicles are as smooth as a babys ass with Scrotum Scrub!

Barbara said…
You two are HYSTERICAL!
Dolores said…
Unbelievable!!! Yes, take a bath or go to the doctor...
cute Barbara!
Mom just sprayed coke out her nose all over the keyboard! hahahaha
Thanks for the laughs!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Jacki said…
lol, atomic_ranch, your Wall Street guy doesn't need to ask his boss for a raise, he is clearly on his way up, thanks to his own handiwork. bahahahahaha!
Sigh. If it really WERE 1950 all over again, I'd be a newborn baby and Sarah Palin wouldn't exist. Oh, how I long for the good old days . . .

Oh, and I thought MEN were supposed to get an ENEMA before a job interview and women a DOUCHE after you got the job because you had to f**k the interviewer (or vicey versey) in order to get it. Jobs being so hard to get these days and all.

VintageChristine is perhaps a bit too naughty today, n'est-ce pas?
Jim said…
This is just like the ads in my post today from 1942!!! OMG and I thought there was some PROGRESS on gender issues in the media. What boat did I just get off of?!
Maybe we are starting to go backwards.......so much for evolving.
Great blog Barbara.
Eartha Kitsch said…
No wonder it sites as an example "Great job on the XXX project."
laura linger said…
I got laid off from a job in 2001.

The reason? My pussy was not as fresh as A Misty Morn.

True story
Pam said…
This is amazing because I came across a whole slew of feminine odor product ads in just two vintage issues of Family Circle, which I plan on scanning and posting. It seems advertisers were a little obsessive about it during the 70s, but today? It's always been nothing that regular showering/bathing can't keep under control.

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