She Uses Soap, He’s So Proud!


She’s poised, confident, has warm cheeks and slim shoulders (what?).

He has pride of possession in every unconscious action (huh?) and is proud of his wife!

You see, it’s very subtle. Just because you married him doesn’t mean you can let down your guard!  Youth! Enchantment! The radiance of schoolgirl days!  You can have them all by just rubbing a Palmolive bar all over your body.

You have to wash your face TWICE with Palmolive, but oh, it’s so worth it, particularly in the evening (I guess that’s when the “blackheads and disfigurements” follow…). Do this, and your youth will be prolonged!

Of course, your husband need do any of this.  He can smell to high heaven and have a greasy face, but YOU madam, may NOT.  You must slave to retain your beauty, for there are hundreds of women to just a few men.  He could be looking for your replacement right now!!

Palmolive – do not use ordinary soaps like you would this green bar.  Beware of imitations.  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.


Jim said…
How did they ever get away with this?! Very funny but soooo sad. There must have been a lot of very frustrated women around back in the 40's and 50's. Actually, I was a kid in the 50's and it was kinda surreal, come to think of it.
There sure was a lot of pressure on women back then to be the "perfect woman".
Dolores said…
Glad I was married in the 60's and not 40's or 50's..... I would have never passed inspection....
From the looks of the hairstyles I would've thought this ad was from the 20's, when many woman actually WERE quite liberated--short skirts, flappers, and all those risque Hollywood movies that unfortunately begat the Hayes Commission. My own grandmother was busy raising two children on her own after she'd gotten divorced in the mid-30's but of course she had every intention of finding another husband. The great tragedy of women's liberation in the 70's is that someone like Sarah Palin has become a major political force. I know Betty Friedan is spinning in her grave and Bella Abzug is chewing her hat to pieces in utter disbelief.
I think things are worse now than they were back then...our young girls and women today are encouraged to be skinny as rails, have monster boobs (implants), liposuction, fat injected into their lips, required to dress like hookers, know all about sex and the opposite sex and bring home the bacon as well. I'd say we had is pretty good in the mid to late 70's. And VC, don't even get me started with wacky "roll models" like Sarah and Michelle Bachman. Yikes!
Barbara said…
I think you all are correct - honestly, the 70s had to be the perfect time to grow up. We were only supposed to be "natural" like Christie Brinkley (although I never even came close!).

Nowadays, damn, I just wouldn't want to have a teenager now, OR be one.

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