Cue the Magnum Theme Music

english leather

Ah, English Leather, the cologne we bought our dads thinking it was “the good stuff”.

Men who “have it” are good to themselves.  They’re sleek, smooth, pampered and crisply scented when they use the aftershave.

Dependently protected pits with the deodorant. Clean and scented with the FABulous Soap-On-A-Rope (the gag gift of the 70s).  Even their hair is lively, clean and full of body.

Yep, your man reeks of English Leather if he uses all of the products together.  No manly scent from this guy, just perfumed all over. Imagine working with this guy. And because he’s spent all his cash on cologne, he can’t afford a suit.  In fact, he looks a little drugged. 

But that doesn’t matter to Professor Wary-Eye in her pith helmet and safari shirt.  Anthropological study of He Man. She’s taken by that mustache. Beware the moustache.  The moustache is evil.  And very, very Magnum.


Uhhhh the moustache screams "VILLAGE PEOPLE", not that there's anything wrong with that, but I see why he's looking AWAY from the woman lolol.....

You'll find him at the local leather bar ;)
Barbara said…
Man, I was sooooo gonna go there, but...
I remember English Leather and its smell--My oldest brother loved it and "Hai-Karate!"
capewood said…
Many years ago a girlfriend gave me a man's cologne. It may have been English Leather. The first (and only time) I used it I was sneezing so hard by the time I got to the front door I had to shower to get the smell off. I believe I have never worn a man's cologne since.
Barbara said…
Kim: Hai-Karate! Great commercials!

Capewood: I have the same reaction to some perfumes!!
My son-in-law ALWAYS overdoes the cologne! PHEW! Gives me a headache! I can't imagine living with him!
Dolores said…
I forgot about English Leather, never liked it... guess that's why I forgot it.... lol
If you ask me (and you didn't but of course I'm going to blab anyway) he looks like Lee Horsley (remember "Matt Houston"?) who I personally met when I visited my friend Carol Ann who was a cast member of the Dolly Parton show. Yes, you can be impressed with me knowing cast members. Carol Ann tried to introduce me to Dolly who was a complete bitch, HOWEVER Lee Horsley shook my hand and I'm pretty sure he held it just a little too long for it to be simply a friendly gesture and I'm almost positive he wanted me. OK, I'm kidding, but he was really friendly, nice, and absolutely incredibly handsome. What all this means is that I have a soft spot in my heart for that kind of hairdo and don't think GAY GUY when I see photos from back in the day.
fromsophiesview said…
English Leather is the Axe of today. That stuff is deadly...trip anyone who's wearing it please!
English Leather might smell good on a saddle or maybe leather boots
cathycan said…
My dad actually ASKED for soap on a rope! Now I fell bad about giving it to him for Christmas, Birthdays, Father many soaps on a rope!

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