Jug Wine, My Personal Favorite

blonde sangria


I’m assuming an ingredient in this Sangria is Two Spanish Men and one vapid blonde.

Let’s see, put sugar, juice and fruit in a bowl and dump in a HALF GALLON of white wine.  Just kills the after burn of that jug wine really quick. Serves six to eight.  Or two really tall glasses.

You can send away for jug wine recipes so you can kill the taste of Almaden’s Chianti, Rose, Burgundy, Chablis or Rhine.

One blonde, two Spaniards, one half-gallon of booze. 

This will not end well.


Jim said…
Or will! Barbara you kill me!
svelteSTUFF said…

and my word verification code was "multio".... hmmmm...
Dolores said…
The ingredients, minus the blonde and 2 Spanish men, sounds good to me.
fromsophiesview said…
2 Spaniards....yesssssss!!!!
3 doxies said…
Oh dam, I had me a clever comment but I lost it when I read Sophie's comment...hehehe!
Well, just pass me da whole bowl of sangria nows!

3 doxies said…
Btw Barb...was you awares dat I,Puddles is a GIRL...not a boy?

Puddles...da girl
Asta said…
Twixie, minnie and Bawbawa
Thank you so much fow the Biwfday wishes..it's so vewy nice to meet you
smoochie kisses

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