Your Face Is Your Fortune

from tattered


Are you shamed by comments about your nose?  Do people say you’d look better if your nose were fixed? 

Are you miserable about your ill-shaped schnoz? Do people compare you to Jimmy Durante?

We can help!  We can take care of your nose, protruding ears, thick lips, wrinkles, cleft palate, hair lip and even under-developed breasts!!  Woman or man, girl or boy, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!!

Girls, don’t waste your time crying in a corner.  Men will want you once you take care of the way your face looks.  Why be a spinster?  Take all of your savings and do it now.  A husband is better than money, trust us, we know these things!

Men, don’t wait!  Get your face fixed and soon you can have a wife who’ll do everything for you!  Never lift a finger again!

Send for our booklet now!  We’ll send it to you in a plain, unmarked envelope so that nosy postman won’t spread the word around town. 

Be not afraid!  We are trained professionals! 


Jim said…
I think now people are more discrete but it's still going on especially with women. Boy were they blunt back in the day eh?
You still crack me up Barbara.
Lidian said…
Jabacue is right, they were SO RUDE back then!

What great ads, though - I love them!
Dolores said…
I've been in an 'off' mode... I'm trying to turn on again.

I had my nose 'fixed'.... 20 years ago..... I thought it would change my life, and I can honestly say it didn't..... I'm the same person... large or small nose....
some of those adds were not very nicely advertised at all.
Kinda like cranky pants
bbes tribe said…
You are right Tweedles - we liked the"cranky pants" part. It's like something we heard one of our grandma's say - "My face - I don't mind it cuz I am behind it"

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