More Turkey and Smoking


Ah, Thanksgiving dinner.  A time for stuffing yourself, a time for smoking.

According to Food Editor Dorothy Malone, smoking after meals is not enough!  You must smoke during the meal as well!

Tomato soup?  Don’t mind if I do!  And a Camel after, sure!  Waldorf Salad?  Yes!  A Camel after…um, okay.  Turkey?  You bet!  Seconds?  Not before that Camel!  Dessert?  Pie or Cake?  Here’s a Camel with that too!

Camel’s “ease tension” (God knows, family breeds tension!) and “clears your palate”.  Smoking gives you a sense of “ease and well-being!”

Now that you’ve pushed away from the table and unbuttoned your pants, here’s a Camel! Says Salesman Ferguson, “The best meal I ever ate would be a disappointment if I couldn’t enjoy Camel’s!”  He’s a salesman – HE KNOWS.

One recommendation – open all the windows or eat outside.  Unless you like yellow walls and pre-scented curtains.

For those who have asked:

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How Sam Sees It said…
Years later they discovered that smoking actually masks the sense of taste... I do remember my dad smoking during dinner, when I was quite a bit younger!

houndstooth said…
Isn't it funny now how silly all those people were back then? It always amuses me to find old ads like that!
Levi said…
My mom loves seeing those old ads. They are pretty funny!
sometimes I wonder where you get all this information that makes me THINK?

Everything on my bloggie is stuck right now too- with super glue i think,,, but the good thing is,,,,
PUDDLES is back and the world is happy and YOU helped!
Dolores said…
Oh how times have changed for the better about cigarette smoking.
I will light one up in honor of Turkey Day lol...
Unknown said…
I miss smoking :( heheheh
fromsophiesview said…
Smoking is the bane of everyone's existence especially for us baby boomers. Daddy Ron's single parent Mom smoked at the breakfast table every morning...noooo...why did the smoke always find me? Smoke magnet...that's what I felt like...aaagh!
PS can't help with the disabled function thingie but I'll work on it for you!
3 doxies said…
Crap...I furgots da badge! My brains be loaded down lately. Maybe I should go haves a cigarette to unwind.

Uh, how does one send money fur Blueberry?

Barbara said…
Puddles: If you click on the "chip in" thingie over on the right, it will take you to the donation site! Thank you from Blueberry!!!
KB said…
You know - my parents actually were that way about Marlboroughs. Unbelievable, isn't it? As a kid, I always bugged them about why they'd ever started smoking, and they told me that people used to think that it was good for you!

Very funny post but it also makes me wonder what crazy habits we all have now that will be proven to be terrible for us in the future!
Zona said…
I grabbed the badge from Puddles' blog... I hope that's okay!!


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