Worst Christmas Gifts Ever


Have you ever received a bad Christmas present?  What constitutes “bad”?  Well, here’s a list.


A giant enema bulb.

Honestly, what could you have possibly said or done to a friend or relative that would result in this gift?



Say it with undies.  This must be the gift for your dads girlfriend.

The message says it all.


Perfume for your toilet.  Seriously.  A gift for men, made by women.

Hint: Buy an exhaust fan.


A teddy bear lamp with no head.

This gift screams “I hate children”.  Great for your annoying cousin.

A black velvet painting of a crying child.

Personally, I think if you hung this in a child’s room you could scare them into doing anything you say.  Just point to the picture and say “that will be YOU if you don’t…(clean your room, etc.).  I know it would have put me on the straight and narrow.

image138 The “Bad Hair Day” hat.

I would leave the house with bad hair before I’d be caught dead with this on my head.

So, what was the worst present you ever received??


Crap, NOW what am I going to get you for Christmas?
Breezy said…
I can honestly say I have never had any gift as bad as those!!
Great post.
I was... 18, and the first "real" BF got me these two big gifts. I was so excited...

Come Christmas morning I rip them open...

They are a pair of Bradly doll lamps. If you don't know what a Bradly doll looks like, well sort of like that kid painting.

I mean, I am 18, NOT 8.

I hated them.

I threw out the lamps and the lame BF lol...
Dolores said…
I know I've received some real 'doozies' over the years, but for the life of me, I can't remember a bad one specifically.

I've probably given some 'doozies' too......

Hoping you had a good Thanksgiving...
Our sissy gives mom Vicky Secret undies every year and surprisingly she loves getting them! She must be wierd, huh?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
fromsophiesview said…
Hurlbut's Story of the Bible...uh huh! Just can't wait to read that at age 5...guess what?...never did! Sophie's Dad Ron
Jim said…
Let me see....there were so many! I'd have to pick a used book in which I had no interest or cared to read.
houndstooth said…
Oh my! Those are hilarious!

My worst gift was probably the year I was at my grandma's house and accidentally found this doll she'd gotten. I couldn't wait until Christmas when that doll would finally be mine. Christmas morning came, and my sister got the doll. My dad had gotten me Tinkertoys and some plastic boats. To add insult to injury, my sister immediately messed up the doll's hair, and then was obsessed with playing with my boats. I told her to leave me alone and go play with her doll. She stood on the couch in the toy room and sucked on her arm for a while, then went in and told my mom I bit her. Ahhhh, memories!
Mack said…
Worst gift I ever got was a baby sister (Paris)!
Jeepers,,, those are bad bad gifts.
So far everything I have gotten in my 4 years has been good stuff
The worst Xmas present I ever received was an onyx pendant with a diamond chip on a gold chain. "WHAT?! If that's the worst present, VintageChristine, I'd hate to see your GOOD stuff!" screamed Babs. Ah, but wait, ma amie. Yours truly totally thought that there was an engagement ring in that little box tucked amongst the Xmas tree boughs. When yours truly opened up said box and saw the necklace, she totally busted into tears, completely bamboozling the giver (who would one day actually get his act together and propose). He was 29 years old, wouldn't turn 30 until the following January, and HE HAD A BET WITH HIS SISTER THAT HE WOULDN'T GET MARRIED UNTIL HE WAS 30! So in order to win the bet he completely f**ked up my Xmas. Love ya, girlie!!!!!
How about most disappointing?

When my what-I-thought-was-my-best-friend gave me a necklace that was...ugly/tacky/tri-colored metal/ had nothing to with anything I would wear.
I was completely speechless, she didn;t know me at all:(
Hahaha, where did you even find these? I can't recall a really bad gift. I'm sure there have been one or two, but nothing that screams tasteless or tacky (or disturbing) like these.
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