And Now We Prepare For…

The worst day in a single person’s life….New Year’s Eve!


It’s a “couple’s” holiday.

Single people only participate if they are lucky enough to have a gaggle of friends having a party, but you’re still single.






This is a single woman included in a New Years party.

new year

See how she’s being laughed at? 

“Oh, poor Martha!  She tries so, but no one will ever want her!  I mean, look at me, all slim, made up and covered in jewels. Poor Martha looks like a deflated blimp on New Years Day.  Oh well, bless poor Mary for inviting her!”

Usually, the hours leading up to New Years Day as a single person are spent like this…

Trying on makeup to see if you could be more glamorous

52maybellinemakeupwatching television…





paris-crying-hardand finally,

resigned acceptance that the new year has come and gone without you.

Vintage Fashion - Helmsely

So, how will YOU spend your New Years Eve?


We will spend New Years sleeping.

You missed that option.

Mogley G. Retriever
LOL, if mom could stay awake that long
Benny & Lily
Best New Year's Eve ever, 1980, North Beach, San Francisco, with lots of friends. We all were visiting from Alaska. It's been disappointing ever since. We will most likely watch a movie and go to bed.
3 doxies said…
Ummmmm...New Year's...REALLY? I'll be on my couch (on da front porch) drinking my beer lady...what was you thinkin? BOL!
Oh and makin' fun of da neighbors when I see 'em.

just call me jo said…
I've been single for LOTS of New Years. I was married to an alcoholic for 3. That was worse than being single. My husband (now, not the alcoholic) and I will most certainly be in bed my 10 at the latest. We're a real exciting couple. But I will agree--being alone on New Years sucks. I understand but other than getting drunk and then regretting that in the morning, I have no suggestions. Do NOT, however, go to a movie alone. Do NOT EVER DO THAT!
The thought of seeing Leona Helmsley wearing a Crusader Rabbit hat sort of makes me giddy. I've never been one for whooping it up on New Year's Eve and this year's not going to be any different. Mike's here, which is nice. I'll still be passed out in my easy chair well before the ball drops EVEN THOUGH Kathy Griffin and her newest gay, Anderson Cooper, will be hosting the festivities. Hmmm, maybe I'll just have to stay up for that . . .
I celebrate my new year in March. On December 31 I will no doubt be in bed before midnight, just like any other night.

Can I just say Leona Helmsley is as creepy looking as they come (came, RIP)
houndstooth said…
I thought you'd pick Valentine's Day as the worst holiday for single people! I'm married and I still don't have anything glamorous to do for New Year's Eve! I guess we'll be watching another Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and hanging out with the pups.
Mom and dad are boring. They stay home with us and go to bed at their usual bedtime! Hopefully we'll get some pizza on New Year's eve!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch
Oh come on Jo, I actually like going to a movie by myself. Don't have to share the popcorn:)
When my daughter was single it was Valentines Day that she would dread.Called it Singles Awareness Day.
I couldn't care less about New Years Eve. After the rush and expense of Christmas all I want is a clean house and some rest!
P.S. I had forgotten just how ugly L.H. was. Thanks for the reminder;)
Many years I'd rather stay at home, snuggle in with my man or by myself, watch a movie. One year went slightly manic, I drank beer and painted a giant painting (first and last painting I'd done for years). This year my parents will be in town visiting, staying with us. So my new Years Eve will no doubt be quiet. I know, I'm ever so dull.

P.S. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I'm wishing you a rockin' new year!
lol@Kathy Griffin is the new gay, so is Regis, I suppose.

I get up early, very early. See how it's 1:00 a.m. on the west coast and I am up already? Maybe if I work it right, I'll be waking up for the New Year hahaha...

Oh the worst new Years I spent were with "boyfriends" ugh, so glad to be single lol...

What will YOU be doing? =)
Mack said…
Miss B,
You need to come over to our place on New Year's Eve! Once again my mom will be alone (dad hasta work). She says she'll dust off her Trivial Pursuit and I'll be glad to share my stash of Sam Adams!

Dolores said…
Those are some great pictures!
Our New Years eve will be like every other evening, watch TV and go to bed at 10:30.....
Happy New Year!!!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh my god, you always make me laugh! I think that New Year's Eve is a lot like this for married women too. I'm always in bed before ten, only to wake up at midnight when my neighbors start shooting off guns and fireworks. Then, I just lay in bed for an hour or so hoping that a stray bullet doesn't come through my roof and go through my head. Happy New Year!
me and my moms will be home where it is safe,, and probly like always go to bed early,, catch some extra cat naps.... and thats it.... i am lucky to have my moms home with me...
The Thuglets said…
They will spend it at home with us. yipeeee

They are threatening a midnight picnic outside with a bottle of Moet to celebrate the New Year!

Yeah yeah....we reckon they will bw in bed by 10!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

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