Ideas For The Weekend


Yeah, this should work.

Male or female, I want you to try this over the weekend and report back to me.  Here are your instructions.

1. Move in pretty close to your victim.

2. Point invitingly to your Captain Morgan. 


3.  Ignore any remarks about hairy old men (unless you are one).

4. Pour the rum into a glass.

5. Keep talking about Captain Morgan’s homeland (the Caribbean), windswept beaches and palm trees, and why you’re obsessed with a pirate.

6. Add some coke or ginger ale to the rum. Possibly a roofie or two.

7. Hand the drink to your intended.  Subtly say “yo ho ho”.

8. When they ask for another drink, remind them you have Captain Morgan at home.

9. While driving home alone, remember to slap the crap out of Captain Morgan when you get there.

PS: Do you think they’re showing enough of her boobs, or am I wrong?

Happy Weekend everyone.  I’m going to try to get out of my depressive funk by shopping.  I’ll let you know what happens.


3 doxies said…
Yo Ho Ho! Uh, Her boobs was da furst thing I noticed even befores da bottle and dat is just not right!
Dats commercial advertising fur ya.

Lemme knows how your shopping goes and FYI I weras a size small.

Wyatt said…
Who are you callin' a HO?

houndstooth said…
Perhaps her boobs were needed to prop the bottle up? :P
Mack said…
I think he thinks he's some hot mess!
Happy shopping!
Dolores said…
Hoping your shopping trip helps the funk.....
Thinking of you!
Oh my Dear, yes, sometimes retail therapy is the best cure!!

I hope you find things that make your heart sing, gosh knows we could all use a little heart sing right now, whatever that means lol (((hugs)))
Jim said…
Always works for me Barbara! Not the rum but going thrifting/shopping ALWAYS makes me feel happy! Then there's the addiction that you have to deal with.......
Breezy said…
is there a 12 step program for shopping??
Shopping always helps with funks...hope it worked ;)
Levi said…
Boops, they often come out when the alcohol does :)

PeeS- we think you are pretty funny and stylish so we nominated you for it! Check it out tomorrow.

Oh, and I don't have a girlfuriend :)

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