Underwear In Public

wedgie free

Meet Maureen.

She stalks women in supermarkets and waits for them to free their wedgies.

She does!

Did I mention she does this in her bra and girdle?

Poor Margaret.  She’s just standing at the barbeque section in shorts, a girdle (!) and knee socks, minding her own business when Maureen and her “Magic Oval” pantie girdle laughs and points.

First lesson learned:  No shorts and girdle combination.

Second lesson learned:  Shop somewhere else.

The Magic Oval pantie girdle is guaranteed to remain Wedgie Free!  It has Perma-Lift, with “no bones about it”!!!

So if you’re Margaret, just stay home.

If you’re Maureen, I have a doctor that would like to speak with you.


Anonymous said…
Haha, I am laughing so hard at your last little comment to Maureen! I need some wedgie free panties like the magic oval panties!!

Elyse (and Riley)
I feel a little like Maureen when I'm in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of me bends over to get whatever it is she has on the bottom rack of the cart and exposes her thong for all the world to see. EXCUSE ME... BUT YOUR THONG STRAP IS NOT ON MY BUCKET LIST OF THINGS I NEED TO SEE BEFORE I DIE! COVER THAT THING UP, PLEASE!! Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Maurine/Madam/Jamie
jen said…
LOL! This is great! I just bought my 6 year old daughter wedgie free underwear, the first time she put them she was so mad because she said they package lied and they were NOT wedgie free and we should write them and complain:)
3 doxies said…
Good thing mum don't go to da grocery store...whew! Her makes dad go...hehehehe! Maybe all dis time her has been skeered to run into Maureen...or hell, maybe her is really skeered to see Margaret digging in her butt.

We hope you are pleased that you just made our mom snort her coffee all over her keyboard!
OMG, that was soooooo funny!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Why is it that women who aren't fat (like my sister) still think they ARE and wear stuff like Spanx? Back before Spanx I did get the bright idea to try wearing a girdle under my pants but I looked like an overstuffed sausage (although I must say my butt actually looked good). Just not all the fat oozing over the waistband and out from the waaaaaay too tight legs! The memory is still painful. How's your hand, sweetie?
Yeah those girdles didn't give me wedgies but they cut me up in the crotchital region if you know what I mean lol *yikes*!!

And always so much fun to wear if you have to go use the ladies room a thousand times a day like I do har!!!
Anonymous said…
Wedgie free...Hmmm naaa my butts to big for that to happen.
Jan said…
I seem to have a vague memory of girdles and unpleasant associations of same. But this post had me in stitches.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Is was wonderful to get rid of girdles, but some of us have horror stories about pantyhose too.

Poor Margaret...reminds me of a time decades ago when I went to the grocery store in a gorgeous new outfit...long cream colored wool flannel skirt that buttoned up the front, a silk blouse to match and a pair of lucious cream colored leather boots. I noticed people staring at me...with admiration, I was sure...till I realized the back of my skirt AND my slip were tucked in the waist of my pantyhose. Ooops.

At least I was skinny back then...LOL
BOL, we saw someone doing that the other day and we weren't even stalking her
Benny & Lily
KimT said…
lol..Oh, thank you for sending us off into the weekend with a huge ROAR!! lol
Jim said…
I was surrounded by Maureens all my life! And still know a few! Poor Maureen, probably not a good supply of blood made it to the ole brain!

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