Not Funny, Just Ironic

I had my hair once done by this man in his Beverly Hills salon.  My old boyfriend was a client of his.  I just found it weird that he was considered "world famous".  He was just Gene to us!

And he never washed MY hair dressed that well or looking that interested!


Anonymous said…
Ironic, indeed!

Elyse and Riley
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Nobody that famous has done my hair, but I do drive over 2 hours one way for my favorite hairdresser. Tomorrow wss supposed to be "Toby Day," but the weather is still so bad here that I had to cancel. Grrrrrrr...
Very cool!

I do believe I have been to a hair salon 3 times in my life.

Once to have highlights, another to correct the awful bleach job I did, and one was to try a spiral perm.

None were worth the money I spent lol.

Oh, four, if you count that one visit to Fantastic Sam's (it was only $6). =)
we are purrty sure there are a lot of "world famous" people and hot dogs etc. But no buddy knows about them except the locals
Benny & Lily
houndstooth said…
Heh! Funny how a lot of people have an inflated view of themselves!
If you had paid him $100,000 for an endorsement you would have had a lot more of his attention. Then again, he may have been more interested in your boy friend than in doing your hair. Who knows?

Being bald, I have a hard time paying $6.00 at Great Clips for the removal of what little is left.

Mogley G. Retriever
Unknown said…
I am cracking ups at his suit!!!

Wyatt said…
I don't think I want a creepy guy in a suit to wash my hair...Ha

Wyatt's Mom
Anonymous said…
Ha! Bit of the ol' bait and switcheroo pulled on ya eh? :D

Waggin at ya,
fromsophiesview said…
Nothing better than having a man put his fingers through your hair with is mayo isn't it? PS thanks for the birthday wishes! Cheers!
Dolores said…
Can't believe they had him dressed in the dark suit and tie.... to wash hair...

Yes, that is ironic...

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