The New Spring Fashions!!


It’s here!  The new Spring Catalog!  Ooh, I can’t wait to read it…

Wait, wut?  How did this get in here…let’s see…well, that halter jumpsuit could be nice.  The flares alone will hold my second gun that I strap to my ankle.

Hmmm…I couldn’t really wear that see-through nightie with the kids around…but Harry might get a kick out of it.  Falsies and sticky bras…and oh!  Gee, a bra with no front.  Well, I wonder what the PTA would think of that.

Of course, after a hard day, that back massager looks pretty good and I could have a drink in the glasses that make the men naked when cold…oh wait, the kids.

I think I’ll just stick to the pasties for now…where is that Sears catalog anyway…


Jan said…
You've got to wonder if whoever drew this had ever seen an actual woman.
Levi said…
What a crazy catalog- I hope my mom doesn't have that subscription :)
These ads used to fascinate me as a young teen secretly reading my Mom's True Confessions.
glad we don't have to worry about that stuff
Benny & Lily
I wonder whatever the hell happened to Fredrick's of Hollywood? Their wares look so innocent now in our much more salacious times!
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,


Hawk aka BrownDog
24 Paws of Love said…
Where in the world did you dig this one up?? My jaw is still on the table! LOL Interesting though. Where's the male version of this catalog?????
houndstooth said…
Is this the early days of Frederick's of Hollywood? That is hilarious!

Is there a guy's version? Not that I need to see it or anything! *cough*
Hello Barbara,

Just stopping by to thank you for your kind wishes for our little Jane pug. The worst is over and she is on the road to recovery. Boy, that was a tough 14 + hours...

Happy Wednesday, to you.
Mack said…
Look at that back massager. hehehe
Yeah, right, back massager... I want some of them perky boobs! I love the tag line "Bring out the beast in him!", lol!
Jim said…
Wait till after the kids are in college! Until then, Sears please!
Karena said…
I just can't decide what to choose !?!!

Last day....Come and enter my giveaway for bath & body!

Art by Karena
fromsophiesview said…
This stuff looks like it's bringing out the BEAST in HER...wink wink!
bbes tribe said…
That is some catalog.. Early Fredericks of Hollywood??? Where do you find all these??
I had a friend that used to drag me into Fredricks of Hollywood so she could buy cheap underwear. There'd be a table full of stuff and she'd sort through and invariably come up with a crotchless pair and look at me and say "These are torn." She wasn't joking. She was married within two years.

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