Cake Madness Confuses Mom

From Fudge Tunnel Cake to "Pinky Pink" cake...yes, you too can have a girly cake! 

Pink, because we know girls like no other color!  Cherry-pink, because cherries and girls...well, we won't go there.

Mom is confused for several reasons.  Her face is contorted into the "blow out the candles" or the "blow-up doll" position (hard to tell in this set up). She's missing an arm, she's wearing her nightgown and eating cake with her hands.

Meanwhile, Suzy is completely out of control with her party horn and basket of decorations.  She needs her Ritalin, stat.  Oh wait, they gave out phenobarbs then.  Get Suzy a Black Beauty!!

If all you can imagine is a cake and frosting that match, you need to step away from the stove for a while.  Now there's a fresh idea!

And what the hell is that picture at the bottom all about?  Mom's in pink glasses...oh's Claudine Longet!  DUCK SPIDER!!


houndstooth said…
Hey! I like pink cake!

That is the trouble with humans, they worry about something called "color". Since dogs are color challenged, along with most males (even if they arn't, they are), so just serve the cake already. Who cares what color it is, just let me at the frosting.

Mogley G. Retriever
3 doxies said…
Why da hell is hers in a gown at Suzy's party...dats what I wanna knows. Is hers gonna seduce some kid's dad? OMD!

Dis was back when you baked birfday, we go to da grocery store to gets cakes. I loves da modern world.

I did not know there were other colors of cake!!! Pink everything,, is what I think.
Nightgown, cake in hand, glasses on head, just waiting for Prince Valium to show up and whisk mama away to housewife happy land. Love the ad, love your blog. (I'm talking cake too today, come by and say hello if ya want, or not. I have cake, I don't care what people do)
What is the blue cake ad like? A creepy father and son, the father standing there in his boxer shorts and his stained wife beater shirt with blue cake in one hand and a beer in the other (if he had a third hand, he'd be scratching something), thinking that, although he's eating blue cake, cherries are also his secret passions. The boy has a pea shooter that he's aiming at the pink Mom.
And love your blog too, and love reading the useless tags and everyone's comments!
Wyatt said…
I tried to make a pink and white checkerboard cake about a week ago. Sort of a practice dessert for Easter. Glad I practiced first, what a disaster. It was a big pink nightmare..we will have to post the picture..or maybe not.

Wyatt's Mom
Unknown said…
thats my favorite cake in a box!! I love my pink cupcakes :)
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
I'm admittedly not much of a "pink person," but marketing a pink cake as "matching" anything is a bit to girly-girl for me.
Eartha Kitsch said…
I'd be all over that cake! I think that they just make strawberry now?

Duck Spider! - ha! Poor Spider...She should have paid.
Dolores said…
I must admit that pink and gray are my least favorite colors.... however, a pink cake always looks good!
-- said…
She definitely looks like she's a blow-up doll...not about to blow out some candles.

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