Wordless Wednesday

Lizard dog!


Kari in Alaska said…
practicing yoga?

Bocci said…
First, let me say how much I love your site and how glad I am that I found your blog-you're an amazing writer.

Now about Lennox: check directly under our Wordless Wednesday post (yesterday's post) for the scoop and video on Lennox- a mixed breed in Ireland who was taken from his owners under a breed-specific law and has been sentenced to die-apparently this sentence is being appealed. The post has a link to the blog that has taken up his cause.

Thanks for asking:-)
Jennifer said…
It's my couch - where are YOU goin to sit? Jennifer lover of furry friends
3 doxies said…
OMD, is daT mINNIE?????
I'll haves to give her Hugh's number, I has it on speed dial in case any of my furiends need it.

houndstooth said…
She's probably depressed because she never gets to eat pink cake! :P

I suspect there are dogs all over the internet pinning that photo up as their wallpaper now!

So what does it take to get a tummy rub around here?

Mogley G. Retriever
we love airing out our,,,,,,bellies.
Benny & Lily
Anonymous said…
Looks VERY familiar...Riley's been doing that same pose all day! Happy Wednesday! :)

Elyse and Riley
Dolores said…
Not much sweeter.... than seeing a relaxed and much loved dog. You're the best Barbara!
-- said…
Awww...so darn cute!
scratch my tummy,,, scratch my tummy
George The Lad said…
Best pose of the day ;)
See Yea George xxx
LOL, doggie porn! Love it! Dogs have nooooo shame!
Jim said…
It always looks so comfortable when dogs sleep on their backs! They ARE true yoga Masters, you know!

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