Please Your Man With Fudge

A "wild" Fudge cake?

Is it not enough that she's all dressed up - fancy dress, boa...I mean come on - he needs a special cake too?

Never mind that she's married a man without a face; she obviously loves him enough to dress up and make a tunnel cake for him.  I just wonder - how does a man without a face actually EAT a fudge cake?   Does she put it in his ear or something?  Grind it up and put it in a feeder tube? for thought.

Oh ha!  Get it?  Food for thought?  I crack myself up.

Sidenote:  For those of you too young to have grown up with boxed frosting, let me just tell you it was FABulous.  They did us a disservice by canning it.  Especially that German Chocolate Pecan Coconut frosting...warm from the saucepan.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

So, if you were to dress up and make a cake, what would you make for a faceless spouse?


Pearl said…
Fudge suppositories.

Mmm. Fudge.

Lidian said…
This made me think of the I Love Lucy episode (because everything makes me think either of Lucy, or the Honeymooners or Seinfeld, according to my family) where she dresses up in evening wear for breakfast and does her Tallulah Bankhead imitation "JAM on your toast, dahling?" (I like to say this to my DH occasionally and then spoil it by falling down laughing hysterically)

So I guess I would be holding some toast and jam. Not fudge cake with fancy macaroons. Maybe I'll put macaroon bits in the jam!

And LOL Pearl, by the way - ;)
The perfect cake for a faceless spouse? Headcheese cake. Ewwwwww, I know.
Mack said…
She has one lucky husband!!
houndstooth said…
Bake a cake? Wha--? I got too distracted by the fudge!

I remember this fabulous cake my grandma made -- yellow cake with hot chocolate sauce poured on top. You made holes in the cake with a spoon handle before you poured on the chocolate sauce. I know how to make it, but nobody made cake like my grandma! I am so glad that I grew up in an era when grandmas still let you bake with them!
we will please mom with fudge first
Benny & Lily
Eartha Kitsch said…
Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about this macaroon cake until the very minute that I saw your post. That stuff was amazing! I'd make my faceless spouse a Sock-It-To-Me cake. For no other reason than that the name has always tickled me to pieces.
Third week back on Weight Watchers and you bring up german chocolate cake.....stop it! I could eat an entire pan of the warm frosting. Sooo good.
-- said…
I don't know about a faceless husband, but mine enjoys lemon cake with vanilla frosting. He only gets it on his birthday though.

Funny ad.
3 doxies said…
Well, mum don't bake nor does her dress up...da only time her wears heels these days is when somebuddy dies.
I knows da cake Bunny is talkin' bouts and my grandma still makes's deeeeelish!

I think a faceless spouse is ideal for cake baking day. No mouth? More cake for me plus I can spin around eating cake with both hands asking - does this dressy dress and big ol' boad make my butt look big and he can't say a thing. Thanks for the laugh.
Thanks for your well wishes today. I am home safe and sound, but still a little groggy and sore!

Your pal, Pip
Wyatt said…
So, that is what I'm doing wrong..LOL. I'm suppose to dress like that around the house and make chocolate cake! It all makes sense now, thanks :)

Wyatt's Mom
fromsophiesview said…
Pound cake with orange frosting...mmmm!
Dolores said…
Yummmm.... you've made me hungry!!!
I used to make this chocolate bundt cake with a tunnel of cream cheese and a crown of chocolate ganache.

OMH, excuse me while I wipe off the keyboard :)

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