Smell My Finger

Here's your secret weapon, ladies...smelly nails.

We all know that men are known for kissing hands these days.  Why not go with this trend and use this new nail polish.  It's loaded with perfume...different scents in different shades! 

Did you ever??

It's not like this would drive you insane wondering just where is that darned smell coming from as you type furiously at your job.  The scent doesn't come off in the wash, so no matter where you go....stinky fingers.

And what if you wear perfume on your body?  Will it match your nails?  Or you want to change scents - damn, another manicure.


Oh well, you and the significant other can have fun playing "Smell My Finger" for a few days before it gets old.

Cutex - the first name in WTF.


MoonDoggie said…
The title of this post made me snicker. :)

I don't think its such a bad idea depending on what the 'perfume smells' are. I'm not a big perfume fan as it is.
fromsophiesview said…
How about "Pull my finger" that's a great game too....phewie!
Love visiting your blog for a smile - and now a smell! Wow. Reminds me of being a teen in the 70s when everything had a perfume in it, shampoo (Herbal Essence was THE BEST)we just layered it all on and let them duke it out.
rottrover said…
The only men that kiss my hands these days are Bart and Gizmo. Do the polishes come in Chicken n' Cheese scent?? Just wondering...
3 doxies said…
Yea, I was wondering what da smell names would be. I am on da look out fur Cheetos and Beer.

Dis is even more weider than havin' scented magic why would you want your kids smellin' magic markers?

Yeah, I want to know what the scents are? We are partial to lavender in this house.

Your pal, Pip

P.S: Definitely think you should take that trip to France!
houndstooth said…
Smell my finger!!! Give me a moment to get off the floor and quite guffawing!

Oh, that's better! You know that what this stuff really smells like is -- nail polish! No guy is putting your finger up his nose to get a whiff of that!
Mack said…
Gee, we can't imagine why this product is no longer on the market!!!
Dolores said…
Someone must have really been bored to think up nail polish with a fragrance......crazy....

I'm still laughing at smell my finger...
Hope you have a good weekend...and thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Ick...I can just imagine what the scents are like. After all, we're talking Cutex here, not some Paris it's bound to smell like cheap teenager super-sweet perfume.
Your finger could get bit you know!
It might be too irresistable
Sara In AZ said…
Wild, just crazy wild!!!!!
-- said…
ahahha, "Smell my finger"...that sounds like it would result in something even worse than when you "pull my finger."

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