Dum Dum Da Dum! Action Underwear!

Screw Captain America, you've got Action Underwear!

Undies made with Chemstrand Blue "C" spandex.  Comfy, huh?  Nothing says "comfort" like a girdle, right girls?

Of course, we all know that skinny girls need bras and girdles.  Because that's all that could buy these undies.  The bra comes in junior sizes 32 to 36 A and B cup.  Really.  The girdle - 5 to 15 (15??).  So you chubbettes are just out of luck.  On my thinnest day on Earth, I couldn't have worn these items.  You?

Today's tiny girls couldn't wear them either - what with their breast implants.  I say there is nothing sexier than a size zero girl with double F cups and a very large head, right ladies?

Actionwear - made for people who don't need it by Sears, your friend in fashion.


OKAY... BUTT... you just wait a couple a days until you see what I am gonna be... showing !! Stay tuned!! I'm just sayin.
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

Too funny for barking or words!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Jeeeeze, girdles...why did we ever fall for that crap? Thin girls didn't need them, and they created waist overhang and leg lumps in curvier girls. What were we thinking?
Just what ACTION were these intended for? This looks like a job for Action Undies... where ever there are cottage cheese thighs rippling, where every there is a jell-o butt jiggling, where ever there is a muffing top, um, muffling, action undies are there - strangling them into submission. Thanks for the reminder why the good old days stank.
Dolores said…
I can't believe I used to wear a girdle, and a long one at that. Yuk...... I need one to hold in the fat, but I'm not going back to those days.
Amber Von Felts said…
Those look like they'd be used on someone in traction, not action! Those appear to be horribly horribly uncomfortable. Are these the "spanx" of their day?
Skinny girl with big boobs and heads, makes you wonder how they stay upright?

And the day of my wedding I was a size 14. I wore 3, that's THREE girdles. Nothing says says sexy like that ;)
I can't see how you would get much action in these. By the time you would squeeze into one of these, you couldn't possibly bend or twist. You can only just stand there, stiff as a board.
laura linger said…
Oh, the astonishingly beautiful Lauren Hutton. The model's model. Ask any of the heavy hitters from the 70s and 80s who their inspiration was (Kim Alexis, Kelly Emberg, Janice Dickinson, Christie Brinkley, etc.) and they will invariably say Lauren Hutton.
you are so funny
you talk about the craziest things,, and you make us laugh,
Your mind must be always going in high gear

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