Dad is a Sap

Ha, dad is such a character! 

He dresses funny, sleeps in a nightie (satin and lace, but who cares!) and lives in his own little world, but gosh, he's the bee's knees!

He doesn't like anything newfangled and prefers that we stay out of the Atomic Age, but I fool him every day!!  You see, Dad saw me make instant coffee once and nearly plotzed!

"No newfangled coffee for me!" he cried as he grabbed my ear.  Normally, he grabs the bone I put in my hair for just that reason, but Dad's so silly!  He's always doing something new to surprise me.

"You give me old fashioned ground coffee or I'll smack you!" he bellowed.  Ha, ha, Dad's a card.

So I pulled out my old percolator and pretended to make "real" coffee, but I secretly filled his cup with Borden's Instant and a little rat poison.  He loved it!  Now he won't drink anything else, which in a week or two will serve my purposes well.

Dad's such a character!  I think I'll bury him in that ascot.  Hmmm, Paris....


3 doxies said…
Bwhahahahaha...dang how I has missed you!
I was thinking dad was more of an idiot than a character. Wonder what his life insurance policy is.

PS: I agrre...instant coffee sucks
Now that's a man, BOL
Benny & Lily
houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That crazy dad! You never know what he'll pull next!
DeanO said…
hm, now I know what my wife has been serving me...I trust it serves her well; they say a little rat poison doesn't hurt a human :)
Amber Von Felts said…
Wow! I thought you were making up the "I'll smack you" part but when I enlarged the ad and read it, there it is! I'd love to see an ad for a product today that uses child abuse as a selling point! What a crazy ad! It is so funny!

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