Slacking in Our Gotcha Days

Since we acquired Jeep on June 3, we've been so busy with pup duties that we neglected to celebrate our Gotcha days!

Minnie celebrated her first year with us on June 16.  You might remember her story here and here.

 Trixie celebrated her seventh year with me on June 20.

What is it with June and puppies? 

Note to self:  Next June, stay away from puppies!!


houndstooth said…
Happy Gotcha Day to all three of your cute pups! The problem is, puppies are so darned cute and irresistible, they have a way of making you completely forget about all the work they are!
Dolores said…
So convenient to have all Gotcha days in one month...
Such sweet puppies
24 Paws of Love said…
Sounds like June is the best month ever at your house!! :) Happy Gotcha Day to Trixie and Minnie.
Eartha Kitsch said…
I LOVE the term "gotcha days". Here's to them all! And yeah, June, you should come here and gotcha some cats.
3 doxies said…
HAPPY GOTCHA DAY to ya'll!!!!!!
Lady, is as bad as my mum withs furgetting stuffs, geeeez!

Pulease gives Minnie and Trixie big huggies from us.

PS: June mum went to my mimi's today and discovered they had a new addition too.

Kari in Alaska said…
Happy Gotcha Day

Maybe next June should be Gotcha Month - just celebrate all month long.

Your pal, Pip
Pam said…
Aw, they're so cute.

I couldn't find your email in my junk folder...but if it's still the same one that comes up in your Blogger profile, I'll just have the certificate emailed there.
We get to celebrate three days a year. There is My birthday, my foster day and my adopted day. I came as a foster to stay, then I was adopted. Since I was a breeder surrender, I have my birthday even. Did you know that cake and ice cream is the appropriate food for all k-9 celebrations.

Mogley G. Retriever
Maybe June is the month of love!
Happy Gothcha Day to Trixie, Minni and of course Jeep!
Ans they all have the best home ever!
Anonymous said…
Happy Gotcha Days! :D

And thanks for your suggestion about Dogster. Mom will look into that :)

Waggin at ya,
Noodles said…
Hi Barbara
We thought we followed you already. Sorry, Noodles feels so bad since you are one of the most consistent commenters on her blog.
Anyhow, here we are and here to stay :-)
BTW, got our 150 TODAY!!!!!
Love Noodles & Mommys

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