Don't Smell Like a Girly-Man

Do you smell manly?  Musky, dirty, oily, rugged, "I just chopped down this tree and built a house out of it" he-man like?

George smells like a girl.  Like a freshly cut bouquet.  Not like you, all smelly of freshly killed meat, fish or squirrel.  Like a real man.  Not some wussy, flower-toting, "sensitive" man.  Why, women should fall at your feet - you shouldn't have to cater to some woman!!

So while you're out dating girls who are still babysitting for money, old George is just stinking up some place with that girly-smelling cologne.  Not you, baby.  You just swing in like Tarzan; all spicy and musky.

Yeah, you win.  Because, who cares about "feelings" anyway?


houndstooth said…
Ha ha ha! And to think I've been complaining about hubby's smell every time he comes back in the house after being outdoors the last month! Little did I know I could bottle it and sell it to girly men like George!
Unknown said…
Hi Y'all,

Whew! Thank Heavens my Human is allergic to just about everything, so cologne is one thing NO ONE wears in this house...or I'd have to move out.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog
BOL...I always smell manly
Benny (& Lily)
{B} said…
Mmmmmm, man smell! I've missed your blog, I need to visit more often!
yuki and rocket said…
The mens' cologne I always like happens to have a woodsy/pine smell, guess it's a girls interpretation of what the outdoors 'should' smell like, lol.
i like sweet smelling smells
Wyatt said…
I wonder if 'pond stink' comes in a bottle..that's what I like!

Mack said…
I like to be as smelly as possible at all times - no stink pretties for me!

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