I’m Confused


Ginny can’t walk another step…because of her sanitary pad.

I’m confused – did they make them out of sandpaper back in the day?

“Glory, I’ve darned near erased my lady bits walking down this street.  If only they’d invent something soft to wear ‘on days like this’ (i.e. “euphemism*”)”.

It appears Ginny didn’t understand that you first had to remove the pads from the box before wearing.  Using them with the box leads to unsightly clothing bulges and yes, discomfort.

Modess makes a world of difference!

*euphemism: saying “tee-tee”, “plunky” or “days like these” instead of the correct names “whiz”, “doody” and “Sally is visiting”.


Dana@Mid2Mod said…
OK...I'm officially cracking up at "plunky."
Dolores said…
I don't like getting older, but........... I'm SO GLAD that I'm past wearing those yucky pads...etc.....
I remember those huge Kotex boats......Yuck!
Thank goodness I am pug, and did not have to worry about such nonsense!
houndstooth said…
Oh God! Actual rip snorting laughter here! I had a friend in college who was so naive that she thought when you used a tampon that you used the whole thing, applicator and all. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane!
Now you can probably watch a youtube video to demonstrate how to use all the paraphernalia. Remember the belts too? Oh lord.

Thanks Barbara, I had a really good laugh at this one!
The ladies in my neighborhood have made a game out of the leftovers when they no longer need these....um...products.
They wrap it all up real pretty like and pass in on to someone "less fortunate." Quite funny :)

P.S. You MUST go to see The Help, if you haven't already. You will be in Mid-Century Modern heaven. I thought of you whilst I was watching!
You have mom rolling on the floor and it's not even 5 AM here yet! It's gonna be a great day!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch
Fran Hill said…
Very funny. Especially the box!
Eartha Kitsch said…
Poor Ginny. She's holding back Hoover Dam AND walking at the same time.

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