Recipes to Make Your New Year Partiers Go Home

It’s getting close to nine p.m.  What to eat, what to eat?

Your guest have probably been drinking a couple of hours now, so they really won’t notice what you give them.

THIS is the perfect appetizer recipe.  It will tell you who to stop serving booze to immediately.  If they eat it, remove their booze.  They are obviously too impaired. 


fish mold picture fish mold recipe

I think the olive eyes are a lovely touch, don’t you?

Another reason why you want to sober up your friend is that if they continue to drink AND eat this…well, imagine driving the porcelain bus after eating this.

And don’t forget the mayo. 


I think this should be served in EVERY BAR!!!!
Dolores said…
The olive eyes really set it off.....actually it might taste!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Canned fish and gelatin just doesn't work for me. Ewwwwwww...
rottrover said…
ain't no way to hide your olive eyes...
Looks like the kind of fish you catch noodling in the bayou...
ok that is frightening, BOL
Benny & Lily
Eartha Kitsch said…
You know, it's funny. I revel at these recipes but when I ask my relatives if they ever served this stuff or had it served to them, they act like it never happened. WHERE did this stuff actually happen? It's as if aliens once inhabited our planet and then they were gone. Aliens that loved green olives a LOT.
Ick Barbara!
Your silly! (but I love you)
I think swallowing live gold fish would be more appetizing and probably not nearly as slimey! :-)
3 doxies said…
No way in hells would I eat dat and I has already had 12 Buds.

houndstooth said…
*gags a little* Oh man! That looks and sounds absolutely disgusting! Who dreams up crap like that? Gah!
Vanessa said…
ah ha! A use for those fish molds I encounter all of the time. I love this! :) Seriously. Creepy olive eyes and all.
bbes tribe said…
woo... never would have thought about canned fish and jello..
We're not really into jello but the canned fish (tuna) not so bad

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