Hello...Is This Thing On?? Things I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand.
First, these pigs have a real house, walk on their hind legs and use the bathroom.  They brush their teeth.
Second, they are not offended in the least – in fact, dad would be outraged to find that his toothbrush made of pig bristles is not as good as a toothbrush made of nylon.
Why would a pig want to brush his teeth with another pig’s hair?  How did this pig get a house?  Does he work?  At what?  A show pig? A pig farmer?  And where did the momma pig get that hair?  Is she wearing a pig bristle wig – or is it nylon?
This disturbs me like the Borden cows with a house drinking milk.  That’s cannibalism, isn’t it?
What disturbs me even more is the fact that people used to use pig bristles to brush their teeth!  Did this make them hungry for pork chops?  Did dogs follow them down streets?

I haven't had many visitors lately - I know there was a problem with my feed, but I'm feeling sad about it.  I hope you're all still with me!


Pretty lady

I think you wonder about stange things tooo much! Have you been eating wild mushrooms?
(i love you anyway- silly lady)
yes,, I am sure the pigs have jobs!
tee hee hee
Of course, pigs live in houses. Haven't you heard of the three little pigs?

And then George Clooney had a pot bellied pig. Lucky pig, getting belly rubs from the George!!
Lidian said…
Also, the Pig Dad and Elmer sure have bad tempers. Why is everyone walking on eggshells all the time? Oh no, eggshells! Does this mean chickens are also involved?

Now all I have done is to confuse myself even more ;)
Golden Samantha said…
Truly - don't know WHERE you ever find these things, then... ponder all the interesting things you come up with heheh! Glad I'm not brushing ma' teefers with pig bristles! How are you? We've (obviously) been very neglectful of the blog scene, but trying to turn over a new leaf again for 2012! Always fun to visit you!!!
Sammie, Avalon and Mom
DeanO said…
Hm - interesting and I am stumped!
How Sam Sees It said…
We are still reading! I'm highly disturbed that toothbrushes used to be made from pig bristles!

Its PROLON - that's like Professional Nylon. And is that mama pig topless? It is a very disturbing ad. But it's not surprising they have a house. You know the story of the 3 little pigs. Clearly pigs have been working in construction for a long time.
The Thuglets said…
Toothbrushes made of pig bristles! Yuk
Barbara you never cease to amaze us with the information you find.LOL

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx
Anonymous said…
BOL! Where in the world did you find that ad? Nutty :)

Yap still with ya darlin ;)

Waggin at ya,
Eartha Kitsch said…
Stop it! You are blowing my ever lovin' mind with this one! I had no idea about toothbrushes and pig hair. That's foul. And shouldn't the father pig be GLAD that the little pig likes manufactured bristles better than the hair of his own kin?
Dolores said…
I'm just now getting around to reading or responding to any blogs, but I would never leave you.

I may stop brushing my teeth..lol!
Amber Von Felts said…
All I can say is WTF??? PIG BRISTLE TOOTH BRUSHES??? Gah, grossest thing ever! Who knew? I wonder if they used bacon flavored tooth paste? Yeck!

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