Competing With Puddles

Hi, Jeep here.


Dis is mah sad face.

Las week, Mama red me da adventurs of Puddles, wut wif her butt and all and I was all “I gots dat!!”

I tryed to make Mama pay attension to mah butts.  I wus lickin’ an scootin’, but Mama wus payin attensions to Minnie cuz she had a SERGERY an tinks she’s all importent.

So finally I was all “Look at mah butts!!” and I did a deff scream.


Dis is my butts beefor

Das when she payed me sum tensions and tooked me too da doktor.  Wen we got dere, I sed NO PIKTURS, cuz I saw da embarassin’ ones of Puddles.  I eben did a little growls just to make sure she new I ment bizness.


Puddles wus rite!  Gettin’ yer butt cleaned out shure felt good (well, not really, but AFTER).  I wus so happy I juss jump on my chair and did a dance.

jeep better

Dis is me affer butt cleanin

I ebben got a stick and chewed on it.  See my tail waggin?  I couldn’t do dat befor da butts cleanin!

Tank yew Puddles fer tellin yer embarassin story sos I culd make mom unnerstand my butt was full too!



PS: Mama sed sumtin about habbin to rob a bank or sumtin now.


I've been away from blog reading and return to such a...a...a compelling tail! Hope everyone is doing well now.
OH Jeep... I am so very much glad that your butt is better and that your mom FINALLY lissened to your poor pitiful cries for HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP. SHEESH What is WITH these Wimmen.. they should Lissin the FURST SECOND we tell them stuffs.

So Jeep.. now you are Puddles are PERFECT BUTTS and THAT is just grrrrreat.
Pee S.. I love that furst comment there! ehehehe
Aaaah poor Jeep!

I wish I could kiss your booboo. Not really. But I'm glad you're feeling better!
Wyatt said…
Whatever it takes to make your tail wag!

poor baby and poor hiney
Benny & Lily
houndstooth said…
Oh Jeep, the HORROR! At least you weren't attacked by an Anaconda and then your mom pretended it was no big deal. I've heard that when your butt expresses itself that it's no fun and I'm so glad you're okay and doing better! Treat, who lived here before me, used to have that problem every so often and it can be really serious if you don't get it taken care of.

3 doxies said…
Sees what I do around heres...I teach boutts da importance of takin' cares of butts. You can thank me withs a beer even though you is still too young.
Did you knows dat I is da only dog my mum has evers had dat has had to has dis done...go figures.
Anyways, I is very glad your mom gotted da point and nows you is all unplugged.

I am so glad you got your issues taken care of, and now your tail wags again.
Dolores said…
Awwww, poor little Jeep....he needed attention too, at your expense.
He's so cute!!!
fromsophiesview said…
bum scoochins ain't no fun...we've all been dare and if you hain't den you wills be!
About every six weeks (or when I can't stand watching my dogs scooting around the living room on their butts) I schedule a "Day of Beauty" for them for a nail clipping, butt expressing and a bath. Naturally as soon as they leap out of the truck they're rolling in the dirt yelling, "Yeah, we don't care that you just paid an arm and a leg to have this done! We are dogs and we will roll and if we find a dead animal we'll DEFINITELY be on top of that, you betcha!" Not to be gross or anything, but were you there for the butt expressing? When they did my big dog, all I can say is that the groomer was VERY glad she'd worn one of those plastic face guards like the dentist wears. Watching that happen, I about threw up!

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