Here's To You, Ed

Here's to you, Ed.

Here's a bottle for your home, one for your desk, one for your secretary's desk and one for your car.

I know how hard it is, being all proper during the day.  Booze helps.  

But Ed, people are starting to talk.  I'm not sure why, but maybe it's that tie.  Or your eye shadow. Or the way you hold that bottle right at crotch level.  Whatever it is, Ed, people are talking.

So while I wrap this bottle of Canadian Club with one hand and a bottle of Walker's Deluxe Bourbon with the other, I just want to say this:

Grab that drink for me, will ya Buddy?


Bwahahahaha - booze helps, Ed. What hoot.
Have a drink for me too!
So glad to see you posting again Barbara!

Yeah, booze with everything. Those were the days. Or should I say "daze"!
fromsophiesview said…
Hey know exactly how to get get peeps to talk about are an extrovert...right?!
Dolores said…
Thinking of you and your sweet puppy dogs.....I'm having a glass of wine as I read blogs.....
Hugs to you my friend!

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