Are You All Mouth?

Have you ever had this problem?

You wear lipstick, but it's like you have no eyes.  No one sees anything but big red lips yakking at them.  It's a common mistake most women make, being unbalanced, don't cha know?

Balance out your face by wearing makeup ON YOUR EYES!  I know, it's a foreign concept, but trust me, it's for your own good.  Being "washed-out" is no way to go through life!!

And don't forget your eyebrows!  Everyone remembers Joan Crawford because of her eyebrows!  Don't be forgotten!  Apply as much makeup as you can so you can be noticed!

(Advice void in Hawaii, Maryland and Guam.  Use makeup as needed. If you develop a rash, call a doctor. Not responsible for illegal activity performed after wearing makeup. If you get arrested, call a lawyer. For a good time, call 555-1212.)


LOLing at the disclaimer! I have been accused of being all mouth but I don't think it had anything to do with my make up and more to do with my inability to Shut up.
fromsophiesview said… true....those red luscious lips flapping in the wind with those monstrous eyes staring you for the hills that's what I for dem darn hills!
Dolores said…
Something is happening to me with eyes are getting smaller and my eyebrows are disappearing......I need help.... maybe I should call the lawyer.
Hugs my friend!
Wyatt said…
Both those ladies scare me...going under the table now, with my tail between my legs.

Fun to play with, but not to eat...Batteries not included.

Good to see you back, Barbara!!
Dana@Mid2Mod said…
Your disclaimer is hilarious!!!

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