Body Confusion

baby oil

She has “the face of a girl, the body of a woman but wants the skin of a baby”.

She’s kind of confused.

She’s approaching 30, yet she’s still wearing her hair like she did in 4th grade; dresses like that too.

But she wears heels and keeps a pillow guarding her privates.

It’s a bit Lolita-ish, this ad.  And creepy.  She’d be perfect with the guy who wanted a girl to come softly, remember?

I’m off to buy baby oil.  I’ve got the face of a woman, the body of a grandmother and my skin is dry as the prairie.  I’ll let you know if it works sniffing out men.


happileah said…
oh gosh..that is super creepy! WTH? How did they find so many people to go along with this ad? hahaha
svelteSTUFF said…
SO, I'm not the only one with completely confused chemistry... It's just not fair that I'm still getting the zits of a teenager while battling with the wrinkles of a 40yr old!!!
Dolores said…
That is confusing and a bit creepy.
Baby oil is great and a lot cheaper than the expensive oils and creams.
Ha! You are too funny :) I shipped your package today. Thanks so much for your order, I hope you enjoy it!
Unknown said…
That's some Body confusion alright! Creepy for sure! Yet... I can't look away....

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